Associate Members: Researchers & Consultants

Researchers and Consultants

GHSA Associate Members listed below are organizations or individuals who conduct research or consult on traffic safety issues. Learn more about GHSA’s Associate Membership program and how to apply here.

Alabama Transportation Institute

The Alabama Transportation Institute (ATI) serves as an independent resource that develop unbiased information for local, state and national leaders in developing transportation policy.

Cambridge Systematics, Inc.

Cambridge Systematics' highly trained and experienced professionals, several of whom have led state highway safety offices, understand your needs and bring the resources to meet deadline-driven tasks.

Casanova Powell Consulting

Casanova Powell Consulting LLC (CPC) is an independent, woman-owned, traffic safety consulting firm.

Center for Urban Transportation Research

The Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR) at the University of South Florida provides high-quality, objective expertise in the form of insightful research, comprehensive training and education, effective technical assistance and in-depth policy analysis for the transportation profession and community.

Clemson University Institute for Global Road Safety & Security

Clemson University’s Institute for Global Road Safety and Security (IGRSS) was approved in 2002 as a new program for Clemson University by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education and is a niche area of Clemson University’s Automotive and Transportation Technology emphasis area.

Connecting Clients Consulting LLC

Connecting Clients Consulting, LLC provides strategic consulting services in traffic safety, including impaired driving, distracted driving, Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety, younger drivers, speed, pedestrian & bike safety, automated vehicles, traffic enforcement issues & risky driving behaviors.

David Ennis

Formerly a police chief and NHTSA Program Manager/Law Enforcement Liaison, Davis Ennis advocates for traffic safety issues as both a consultant and volunteer.

Highway Safety North

Highway Safety North consults on behavioral traffic safety research, programs, and management.

Iliago, LLC

Iliago, LLC, led by recently retired New Mexico Secretary of Transportation and GHSA Board Member Michael Sandoval, provides transportation-related consulting services.

Institute for Traffic Safety Management and Research

The Institute for Traffic Safety Management and Research (ITSMR) is an academic research center within New York's University at Albany.

Jennings Consulting, LLC

Jennings Consulting, LLC is pleased to partner with highway safety advocates and organizations to create, evaluate and implement strategies that eliminate death and serious injury.

John A. Webber

Governors Highway Safety Association Associate Member John A. Webber.

Kara Macek Consulting LLC

Kara Macek Consulting LLC provides programming, communications, marketing and event management services for vibrant, mission-driven organizations.


Founded in 1967, Kimley-Horn is a full-service engineering, planning and environmental consulting firm with over 3,500 employees located in 80+ offices nationwide.

KLS Engineering, LLC

KLS Engineering, LLC provides professional consulting services to federal agencies, state and local governments, and a host of other transportation organizations. 

Leanna Depue

Governors Highway Safety Association Associate Member Leanna Depue.

Lorrie Laing

Governors Highway Safety Association Associate Member Lorrie Laing.

Mercer Consulting Group LLC

Mercer Consulting Group LLC offers an experienced team specializing in traffic safety programs.

NORC at the University of Chicago

NORC at the University of Chicago is a nonprofit research organization that delivers reliable data and rigorous analysis to guide critical programmatic, business and policy decisions.

North Dakota State University

North Dakota State University works with stakeholders to expand knowledge regarding programs and policies designed to promote safer rural transportation.

Pacific Institute for Research & Evaluation

Founded in 1974, the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation is an independent, nonprofit organization focused on merging scientific knowledge & research-based practices to create solutions that improve the health, safety, & well-being of individuals, communities, & nations around the world.

Ryan Klitzsch

Governors Highway Safety Association Associate Member Ryan Klitzsch.

Safe Night LLC

Founded in 2018, Safe Night LLC is a consulting firm that provides solutions to increase trust, safety and economic viability.

Sam Schwartz Consulting

Sam Schwartz's Washington, D.C., area office specializes in consulting services that address critical issues in the areas of traffic safety and operations.

Sanath Javagal

Sanath Dhananjayamurty Javagal is a Senior System Engineer at a self-driving vehicle technology company in San Francisco, California, where he focuses on autonomous vehicle network architecture and systems engineering.

Sprattler Group

The Sprattler Group

Terry A. Pence Consulting

Terry A. Pence is the retired director of the Texas Department of Transportation's Behavioral Traffic Safety Section. Terry has 40 years of highway safety program management experience and is a past recipient of GHSA’s Kathryn Swanson Public Service Award.

Texas A&M Transportation Institute

Texas A&M Transportation Institute’s Center for Transportation Safety was established by the Texas Legislature in 2001.

Thomas Gianni

Thomas Gianni is the retired Director of Maryland's Highway Safety Office and doing contracting work for GHSA Consulting Services Initiative (CSI).


toXcel is a certified Small Business headquartered in Gainesville, Virginia, with staff located throughout the U.S., as well as in the United Kingdom and Canada. The firm was founded in 1999 to provide a full range of toxicological services to primarily private sector clients.

Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF)

The Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) develops and shares the knowledge that saves.

Traffic Safety Partners, LLC

Lee Axdahl applies his vast experience and leadership roles in national, regional, and statewide highway safety efforts through this consulting service.

Troy Costales

Troy E. Costales is the retired Governor's Representative and Administrator of the Transportation Safety Division for Oregon. He worked for three different governors with over 34 years in the highway safety office.

Virginia Tech Transportation Institute

Virginia Tech Transportation Institute is dedicated to advancing transportation through innovation. The institute partners with industry and government to idealize, develop, evaluate, and deploy advanced solutions.


Westat offers innovative professional services to help clients improve outcomes in health, education, social policy and transportation.