Associate Members: Researchers & Consultants

Researchers and Consultants

GHSA Associate Members listed below are organizations or individuals who conduct research or consult on traffic safety issues. Learn more about GHSA’s Associate Membership program and how to apply here.

Cambridge Systematics, Inc.

Safety is everybody’s business…safety planning is ours. Highway Safety Plans, Annual Reports and program area strategic safety plans are well worth the substantial time and effort they require, because they are essential to highway safety offices operations.

Casanova Powell Consulting

Casanova Powell Consulting LLC (CPC) is an independent, woman-owned, traffic safety consulting firm.

Clemson University Institute for Global Road Safety & Security

Clemson University’s Institute for Global Road Safety and Security (IGRSS) was approved in 2002 as a new program for Clemson University by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education and is a niche area of Clemson University’s Automotive and Transportation Technology emphasis area.

Institute for Traffic Safety Management and Research

The Institute for Traffic Safety Management and Research (ITSMR) is an academic research center within New York University at Albany.

Jennings Consulting, LLC

Jennings Consulting, LLC is pleased to partner with highway safety advocates and organizations to create, evaluate and implement strategies that eliminate death and serious injury on all urban and rural roadways as a result of vehicle crashes.

Kara Macek Consulting LLC

Kara Macek Consulting LLC provides programming, communications, marketing and event management services for vibrant, mission-driven organizations.


Founded in 1967, Kimley-Horn is a full-service engineering, planning and environmental consulting firm with over 3,500 employees located in 80+ offices nationwide.

KLS Engineering, LLC

KLS Engineering, LLC provides professional consulting services to federal agencies, state and local governments, and a host of other transportation organizations. Learn more at

Mercer Consulting Group LLC

Mercer Consulting Group LLC specializes in behavioral traffic safety programs including highway safety office management and administration, assessments, public policy and planning.

NORC at the University of Chicago

NORC at the University of Chicago is a nonprofit research organization that delivers reliable data and rigorous analysis to guide critical programmatic, business and policy decisions.

North Dakota State University

North Dakota State University works with stakeholders to expand knowledge regarding programs and policies designed to promote safer rural transportation.

Preusser Research Group, Inc.

Preusser Research Group, Inc., (PRG) is a full-service research firm specializing in transportation, highway safety and issues related to drug and alcohol abuse.

Sam Schwartz Consulting

Sam Schwartz's Washington, D.C., area office specializes in consulting services that address critical issues in the areas of traffic safety and operations.

Thomas Gianni

Thomas Gianni is the retired Director of Maryland's Highway Safety Office and performs contracting work for GHSA Consulting Services Initiative (CSI). He plans to provide behavioral highway safety consulting services in the future. 

Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF)

The Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) develops and shares the knowledge that saves — preventing injuries and loss of life on the roads; reducing related social, health and insurance costs; and safeguarding productivity.

Traffic Safety Partners, LLC

Lee Axdahl applies his vast experience and leadership roles in national, regional, and statewide highway safety efforts through this consulting service. He instructed, mentored, and inspired dozens of Governor's Representatives and Senior Program Managers.


Improving lives through research. Westat’s Center for Transportation, Technology & Safety Research staff are experts in examining driver behavior, conducting field research, developing and performing household travel surveys, and designing safety systems evaluations.