Traffic Safety Recommendations for Automated Vehicles Being Developed

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April 29, 2019

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Expert Panel to Consider How to Prepare Motorists and Law Enforcement

WASHINGTON, D.C. – As motor vehicle technologies continue to blur the definitions of “driver” and “machine,” the implications for the everyday motorist and the law enforcement officers on the front lines of highway safety can easily be overlooked. On May 8 in Arlington, Virginia, the Governors Highway Safety Association, through the support of State Farm®, will convene a panel of experts to consider these issues and provide recommendations for state highway safety agencies, law enforcement and other safety advocates.

The panel represents a wide spectrum of national experts from the federal government, the automotive and technology industries, criminal justice organizations, national safety groups and GHSA’s State Highway Safety Office members.

“Autonomous vehicles and burgeoning safety technologies hold tremendous potential for saving lives on our roads, but public understanding of what these vehicles are – and aren’t – capable of is paramount toward achieving these benefits,” said Jonathan Adkins, GHSA Executive Director.

At the same time, law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges are the “boots on the ground” for enforcing traffic laws, responding to traffic crashes and adjudicating traffic offenses. These partners need to know what to expect as these technologies take the road and how to navigate the adjudication process when laws are broken and crashes occur.

This project unites automated vehicle thought leaders to consider these education and enforcement challenges and present recommendations that states can use as they adapt their behavioral traffic safety programs to reflect the ever-changing technology landscape on our roads. The effort builds upon GHSA’s 2018 report Preparing for Automated Vehicles: Traffic Safety Issues for States.

Following the May 8 meeting, GHSA will develop a white paper to inform its members and all traffic safety stakeholders of the outcomes of the expert panel. Recommendations will be presented at GHSA’s 2019 Annual Meeting in Anaheim, California, August 24-28.

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