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Each year, GHSA publishes reports for its members and partners on a variety of pressing highway safety issues.

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Pedestrian Fatality Report 2017

GHSA's annual Spotlight on Pedestrian Traffic Fatalities projects an 11% increase in the number of persons on foot killed on U.S. roadways in 2016.

Autonomous Vehicle Meet Human Drivers

As autonomous vehicles (AVs) merge into our nation’s traffic, the most pressing safety challenge for states will be preparing human drivers. GHSA's first Spotlight on Highway Safety covering AVs examines the implications of new vehicle technologies for highway safety agencies and advocates.

Mission Not Accomplished

Mission Not Accomplished: Teen Safe Driving, the Next Chapter offers a fresh look at 10 years of data examines the differences in fatal crashes between older and younger teens and provides policy and best practice recommendations.

Wake Up Call! Understanding Drowsy Driving and What States Can Do

This comprehensive, first-of-its-kind report examines the cause and effect of drowsy driving as well as how states and others can best address it.

Highlights of Association Activity

GHSA's Annual Report covers association accomplishments for Fiscal Year 2016 (July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016).

Motorcyclist Traffic Fatalities by State: 2015 Preliminary Data

This report provides a first look at 2015 motorcyclist fatalities nationally and by state.

Pedestrian Traffic Fatalities by State: 2015 Preliminary Data

GHSA estimates a 10% in the number of pedestrians killed in motor vehicle crashes in 2015 compared to 2014.

Unbuckled in Back: An Overlooked Issue in Highway Safety

This report takes a close look at the issue by examining rear seat belt use rates, state laws and enforcement, and public education efforts, and makes recommendations for states to help boost rear seat belt use through programs and policies.

Under Their Influence: The New Teen Safe Driving Champions

This publication examines adults—other than parents—who have the opportunity to influence teen decision-making about driving and showcases several safe driving initiatives.

Drug-Impaired Driving: A Guide for What States Can Do

This report summarizes current knowledge of drug use by drivers and identifies actions states and other stakeholders can take to detect and prevent drug-impaired driving.