Past GHSA Annual Meetings

Each year in late summer, GHSA hosts an Annual Meeting and exhibition for its members and partners. Below is information on previous meetings, including full conference programs.

2019 Annual Meeting

2019: Imagine the Future: Advancing Traffic Safety through Technology and Innovation

Anaheim, CA | Aug. 24-28

The traffic safety landscape is rapidly evolving, presenting both challenges and opportunities to reach zero traffic deaths. General Sessions considered how states and their partners can harness the potential of technological advancements and engage innovative strategies to reduce crash injuries and fatalities. 

2018 Annual Meeting

2018: Joining Forces to Get to Zero: Partnerships in Traffic Safety

Atlanta, GA | Aug. 25-29

Achieving zero deaths on our roadways will require collaboration among a number of professional disciplines across the public and private sectors. The GHSA 2018 Annual Meeting addressed how states can work with the federal government, industry partners and others to advance traffic safety. Attendees also heard about advancements in autonomous vehicle technology and the impacts on safety.

2017 Annual Meeting

2017: Highway Safety in a New Era

Louisville, KY | Sept. 16-20

From a new administration in Washington, D.C., to new technologies, to new behavioral challenges, we are truly entering a new era in traffic safety. GHSA's 2017 Annual Meeting explored these new challenges and opportunities and considered how the highway safety community can best respond to drive down crashes and fatalities.

Prior Annual Meetings

2016: Crossroads: The Intersection of Technology and Driver Behavior

Seattle, WA | Aug. 27-31

Crossroads: The Intersection of Technology and Driver Behavior was the theme for the 2016 GHSA Annual Meeting. General Sessions addressed how technological innovations can impact the way we drive now and in the future.

2015: Drunk, Drugged & Distracted: Reaching High-Risk Drivers

Nashville, TN | Aug. 29 - Sept. 2

Drunk, Drugged & Distracted: Reaching High-Risk Drivers was the theme for the 2015 GHSA Annual Meeting. General sessions addressed how to curb the most dangerous driver behaviors to reduce crashes, injuries and fatalities on our nation’s roads.

2015 Annual Meeting Program

2014: Mapping Out the Future: Highway Safety After MAP-21

Grand Rapids, MI | Sept. 6-10

GHSA’s 2014 Annual Meeting explored highway safety after MAP-21, focusing on what the future holds — from congressional legislation to technology to new approaches and programs.

2014 Annual Meeting Program